A Gallery of Terrarium Photos

Hello, I decided to set up some albums on Flickr. All photos on Flickr will be released under Creative Commons, so if you happen to have need of images relating to terrariums, moss, fairy gardens, Venus flytraps, or even plant genetics and mutations (because I have a few cool two-headed flytrap pics), so swing on by and take a browse. Soon there will be some isopod and fossil photos added, but I have some Armadillidium klugii (pillbugs) coming in the mail today, and I imagine it might take me a few days to take a few thousand pics from sheer excitement and pare it down to five or so that I feel comfortable adding to that particular upload, because that’s how I roll.

In the meantime, please swing by my albums if you want to browse more photos like these. If you use any of my photos in art or articles and whatnot, give me a shout and I’ll throw up a link in the photo you used. Also, if you want a copy of the original file so you can make your own adjustments, let me know.